The Versatile Brioche

Don’t underestimate the brioche – a buttery eggy dough that is French staple. Its light and fluffy crumb makes it ideal as a base for a variety of treats: from cinnamon rolls to donuts to bread pudding. Learn what it takes to master this soft bread, and we promise it’ll be the recipe staple you go back to again and again, from baking simple dinner rolls to dessert center pieces.

Outline: 1. Intro; 2. Dough; 3. Brioche à Tête and Loaf; 4. Cinnamon Rolls; 5. Donuts; 6. Bread Pudding; 7. Last Bite

If a croissant was temperamental, then the brioche is the opposite in the stability and user-friendliness of it. It can be shaped in endless ways, filled with any filling, and baked or fried to create a wide range of desserts. It is one of the most versatile of doughs and something to keep in your back packet.

–Chef Dominique Ansel

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