Gluten Free

By popular request – Chef Dominique’s go-to gluten free recipes. Here, the philosophy is to not use any flour substitutes, but instead to use the classic French recipes that have always been flourless. Come away with a great foundation of gluten-free items, from a sinfully chocolate-y cookie to a moist flourless cake or meringues to finish off a pavlova. These will become basic building blocks for a variety of desserts based on your own inspirations.

Outline: 1. Intro; 2. Cookies; 3. Flourless Chocolate Cake; 4. Almond Dacquoise; 5. Whipped Ganache; 6. Assemble Your Cake; 7. Pavlova; 8. Last Bite

“For me, gluten free isn’t about using substitutes. It’s about looking at pastry recipes that traditionally do not rely on flour in the first place. From pavlovas to dacquoise cakes to decadent chocolate cookies — I didn’t realize until I looked into my recipes how many of them were naturally gluten free. My favorite part of these recipes is that it doesn’t ever taste like something is ‘missing’, but instead are recipes that you don’t realize are gluten free until you review the ingredient list. In the end, it’s still simply about being delicious.”

–Chef Dominique Ansel

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