Pies, Pies, and Pies

Starting with the perfect pie crust (and all of Chef Dominique’s tips), these lessons teach you how to then transform that into a gorgeous apple pie or a decadent pecan pie. These tried and true recipes will help you kick off the holiday season early – because we can all use a little more celebration this year. As a bonus, get inspired with some pie decoration ideas and learn how to make a simple French-style savory pie.

Outline: 1. Intro; 2. Dough Mixing; 3. Roll, Foncage, Crimp; 4. Apple; 5. Pecan; 6. Ham & Cheese; 7. Fruit, 8. Last Bite

“The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about pies is friends and family. There’s a great satisfaction about cutting up a pie into pieces and dishing out slices to your loved ones. Once you master a great pie crust and some classic fillings, feel free to explore on how to make your own pie variations and decorations. Add in your own personality – and I hope one day these recipes in some form are handed down from you to yours for generations ahead.”

– Chef Dominique Ansel

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